Calming the Storm Within (Part 1: Understanding Pain)

Calming the Storm Within (Part 1: Understanding Pain)
Most people approach their pastors in times of pain, so shepherding people through the dark nights of their souls is what I do.
Pain is merciless.
And oftentimes, the question is simply, “How can I go on?”
Whether it’s a slight rejection from the job you wanted or the traumatic tragedy of losing someone you love, pain is pain. And unfortunately, internal pain is the hardest to find a resolution for.
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What My 30’s Have Taught Me…

What My 30’s Have Taught Me…
I’m what people would call an “adult” now. Not a “young adult.” Just an “adult.” There’s a crucial difference.
People tend to think that growing older is depressing.
And admittedly, it can be!
Birthdays are usually a happy affair, but there comes a point in your life when they are no longer that exciting. The 1st, the 16th, the 18th, the 21st — all milestone birthdays that celebrate increased freedom, growth, and expectation.
Then there’s 30.
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Mistakes to Avoid with the Holy Spirit

Mistakes to Avoid with the Holy Spirit
When I was younger, I always envied those that seemed like they were close to God. There were moments when my pastor would come out of his prayer room and share what the Lord told him that morning. I wanted that sort of intimacy with Jesus for myself.  
Many Christians are discouraged when developing a deeper relationship with the Spirit of God because He can be such a mystery. It can feel like you’re just trying to grasp the wind. In the beginning of your journey, He may feel unpredictable and, sometimes, maybe even unreliable.
Yet, everyone who is a Christian has the blood right to be able to walk in close friendship with God. And as you do, you will inevitably realize that He is realer than the wind and more reliable than any human on earth.
However, there are some things to avoid as you begin to press in for a deeper relationship with Jesus. The following are the top mistakes people tend to make in allowing their flesh get in the way of what could be a deep and genuine friendship with God.

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Repentance to Redemption (Part I: Trying to Change)

Repentance to Redemption (Part I: Trying to Change)

What if you just can’t change?

If the need to change wasn’t an issue, then Christianity would be a cinch. Free ticket to heaven? Great! Jesus loves me? Amen! He has a hope and future for me? That’s what I want too!
But, I shouldn’t be conformed to the patterns of this world?
I need to repent?
Put off my old self?
That’s much more difficult to embrace.

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