Wisdom Matters (Day 11)

Spiritual authority is crucial for the growth of any Christian. These days, it is easy to only see bad examples of authority, consequently holding onto a distaste for it in our lives. However, God works through spiritual authority, and it is meant to be a blessing.

Listen to today’s Truth…

Embrace the spiritual authority that God had placed in your lives.
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Wisdom Matters (Day 8)

I run a household of four tiny little children. After about one or two of them, I have come to learn that if you value something, you would never leave it out in the open. If you do, you will see work papers with drawings, clothing with stains, and phones in the toilet. However, the most valuable thing you own is not your material goods. It is your heart.
Listen to today’s Truth…
Every day, you must proactively protect your heart.
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