How Chosen Do You Feel?

How Chosen Do You Feel?
I’ve always struggled with the idea of being chosen by God.
I know He saved me.
I know He has a seat for me in heaven.
Strangely enough, I used to believe that because of His charitable goodness, I could just be a recipient of God-given welfare, rather than be someone in His genuine favor. It’s easy to feel that God cared enough to save your life, just the way we allow a bug to live or place a fallen bird back in its nest. However, to feel that He favored me like you would favor your own child, that required a breakthrough of faith.
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How I Find Strength…

How I Find Strength…
I frequently get asked, “How do you do it?”
“It” being how I juggle being a wife, mother, pastor, and pastor’s wife.
In a certain season in my life, I was a full-time youth pastor, full-time grad school student, and a full-time mother, all the while trying to also be a supportive wife to a pastor with his own ministry as well. I was also pregnant for the majority of those years.  Admittedly, it was a lot of hats to wear for one person.
But contrary to popular belief, I’m not very strong.
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Is it well with your soul?

Is it well with your soul?
I’ve been a bit numb these days. I think we all have that in our spiritual walk time to time.
I think at this point in the game, I know what to do when I’m not “feeling it.” I just try harder. I shift my mindset. I make the right choices. I die to myself and take up my cross daily.
We are constantly taught that the spiritual way of life is one of peace and joy. But, let’s be real… sometimes it’s just easier to be indifferent. Perhaps, it’s because being indifferent is one step more acceptable than being angry, discouraged, or anxious.
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For the Christian Single Woman

For the Christian Single Woman
Being a single Christian woman is a confusing niche to be in these days.
You need to remain sanctified.
Yet, you also need to make yourself somewhat available.
You need to be “ready” — whatever that means these days.
You need to fend for yourself financially, emotionally…
All the while be prepared to submit yourself to the future spiritual head of your household.
You need to be independent… to one day also become dependent…
In your teenage years, if you grew up in the church, there’s sometimes the “no boys” policy, enforced by your youth pastor or your parents.
Then, all of a sudden, there’s a “not ready for boys” stage, because, girl, you have to get that career on track …
And before you know it… there’s a “where’s your man” expectation, screaming at you from the world, the church, and, for some, even your family…
To you, I say this:

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When Choosing Sacrifice…

When Choosing Sacrifice…
I don’t like pain.
I’m the type that would avoid any level of discomfort at all costs.
So, when I initially chose the life of ministry, I feared that the losses would be too heavy. Indeed, this included a fear that the humble circumstances would be too much to bear.
Nevertheless, I’ve been relatively spared up until now. Compared to the strife endured by the persecuted church around the world, I live a simple and easy life. We have a home. My children are receiving an excellent education. Both my husband and I have a steady paycheck, and we live the average, middle-class lifestyle in the suburbs of New Jersey. We get the occasional Starbucks drink.
Certainly, there is a cross to bear on a daily basis. Nothing comes easy in ministry. Yet, I haven’t quite fought to the literal point of bloodshed just yet. And to be honest, I did not want to. The idea of shaking things up was the last thing on my mind. Continue reading “When Choosing Sacrifice…”

What Christian Women Need…

What Christian Women Need…
Most women do not particularly enjoy talking about the female cause in the church. It almost feels petty. Women in ministry, in particular, understand that it is a touchy subject, and some try to avoid the topic altogether in fear of coming off as an angry feminist.
Society tells women that we can do anything. We can pursue degrees and choose careers. We can be politicians, CEOs, directors, creators. Unfortunately, this leaves many women confused within the church context, because what we can do for God feels so limited.
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When your soul needs rest…

When your soul needs rest…
That feeling when a full night of sleep just wasn’t enough…
That feeling when hours of television leaves you less motivated…
That feeling of being emotionally drained…
That feeling when your day is summed up by a to-do list, rather than by its memorable experiences…
Many of us know that feeling.
It means your soul is tired.
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Why I Chose Ministry

Why I Chose Ministry
A congregation member once asked to meet with me over coffee. She was cordial and seemed to be interested in the ministry that I was doing. I shared how I was originally on the pre-law track in college and thought that I would earn a law degree for Kingdom purposes. However, the Lord led me another way, which I gladly embraced.
She smiled through the conversation politely and at the end said, “You would have been a good lawyer,” and left it at that.
It was a packed statement. In the context of our conversation, she was basically saying that she was glad to see that I was content with my life, but she could not deny the lost “potential” of what my life could have looked like with a law degree, power, and money. Continue reading “Why I Chose Ministry”

The Loyalty of the Spirit (Indonesia Missions Recap)

The Loyalty of the Spirit (Indonesia Missions Recap)
Anyone who knows me also knows that the Lord has placed a call for orphan ministry in my life. It’s just an undeniable call that I have had for years, but I have not been able to activate it due to the life stage that I was in. How could I possibly reach the fatherless and motherless children of the world when my own four cried out to me at home? So, my trip to Indonesia was the culmination of many years in waiting.
It took 22 hours in the air, 9 hours of layovers, and 2 hours on the road to arrive at Nias, an island off of the western coast of Indonesia.
The heat? Intense. The terrain? Majestic. The food? Spicy.
One of the goals of the trip was to connect with the orphanage there. The moment our cars pulled in, a swarm of young, anticipating faces greeted us. Some were in their teens and some were as young as two-years-old.
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What Makes A Good Mother…

What Makes A Good Mother…
Every generation has an opinion of what it takes to be a good mother. But in this day and age, it is near impossible to feel like a mother is doing an adequate job. Yet, every mother wants to know that she isn’t failing, not for her sake but for her children’s.
The world will never be able to find a mother that can meet its ever-changing, never-ending list of standards.
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