Faith Eury Cho ministers alongside her husband, David, at The River, a ministry of Bethany Church in Wayne, New Jersey. David was her college sweetheart and together they received four of the greatest gifts of all time: Moriah, Elias, River, and Adalynn. She had them all by the time she was 30!
When she first entered motherhood, she worried that having children would interfere with her work in the ministry. However, she soon discovered that each child was a prophetic sign and a wonder to all that the Lord was doing in her life.
Pearls by Faith was birthed from Faith’s day-to-day walk with God, particularly from the years she had to pour her time and attention into her home in order to raise her young children. In those years, she both traveled and worked less than she preferred, but, in turn, spent the most time being still before the Lord. It was in those seemingly insignificant years that she learned the most invaluable lessons.
When Faith is not preaching, writing, or running a household of six, you can find her drinking a flat white in unique mugs, reading to be inspired, and laughing at her husband’s jokes.
She believes in the merciful love of the Father, the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.