Miracles in the Mundane

Everyone loves a good testimony —the miracles, the love encounters, the crazy coincidences that all point to God’s goodness.
Testimonies remind us that God is good. They remind us that God is real and working today.
Yet, sometimes we overlook the fact that testimonies are usually centered on a particular event or a moment. Although we are supposed to remember those moments (Deuteronomy 8), sometimes we can easily place them on a pedestal, without really understanding the implications for our everyday lives.
On Sunday mornings, you may have heard an amazing sermon about radical faith and were challenged to be more radical, wholehearted, excellent for the Kingdom of God. Yet, afterwards, you leave the sanctuary and you go to lunch. After your lunch, you go home, watch a few episodes of Netflix, and then you go to sleep to start the following week. And you don’t know what radical faith looks like afterwards.  
Consequently, it’s easy to be an event-oriented Christian, meaning we may only feel close to God when something exciting is happening or a gathering is taking place.
But, what about the moments in-between? Where is the Presence of God when you wake up early to get to work? Where is Jesus while you pump gas into your car? What is the Holy Spirit up to when you are doing your dishes or changing your baby’s diapers?
Sometimes it’s not the hardships of life that discourage our walks with Christ but the mundane moments that do.
The Bible describes the Lord as anything but mundane.
Taste and see that the Lord is good? (Psalm 34:8)
Unfailing love? (Psalm 13:5)
Wonderful and deserving of praise? (Psalm 145:3)
I mean… it sounds amazing. However, when I’m trying to take the trash out, reality doesn’t always meet my expectations. So, sometimes, we start to expect less, hope for less, and we have a day-to-day routine mentality. At best, you may have had a meaningful time of reading the scripture or prayed during your lunch hour.
But, just as much as the Presence of God is in the mountaintops of your life, He is also there in the valleys. He is there in the waiting, the in-betweens, the space between glory to glory.
The story of Abraham’s encounter with God before the stars, receiving his call to be the father of nations, is one of legends (Genesis 15). Yet, afterwards, he spent decades in a foreign land  just carrying this promise before he even witnessed it being fulfilled. He had to do chores, oversee servants, raise produce and livestock on the daily. He probably had disagreements with his wife time-to-time. He definitely made his share of mistakes during those years. But, even in the midst of his fallenness and not fully understanding what God was doing, he carried around God’s promises every day.
And it didn’t always look like a miracle, until it finally did.  
When Mary was met by an angel, it was epic. Sermons, songs, and entire traditions are centered on this event. However, after she settled the situation of her pregnancy with Joseph, she got married and she just had to wait. She spent nine months carrying a child, that most likely, thought was illegitimate. Even after the child was born, she spent years carrying the promise of the Messiah in her heart.
Luke 2:19 says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” She knew the promises of God over Jesus even when the rest of the world did not, and the NLT version of this verse translates this as “she thought about them often.”  Meaning, while she remained a faithful mother and wife in the home, she considered the promises of God often. She cooked and cleaned every day. She had good days and bad. There was no indication that God showed up to her again after that first angelic encounter. Therefore, life was most likely uneventful until Jesus’ ministry finally began. Yet, in between the glory to glory, she carried the promise.
It didn’t always look like a blessing, until it finally did.
The spiritual thirst of a Christian is all too easily quenched by the ordinary routines of life.  For some reason, it’s easy to translate the ordinary as God’s silence. But, within every Christian is a promise, a power, a hope (Ephesians 1:18-23). It’s so glorious that even Apostle Paul told the Ephesians that he prays that their eyes would be opened to it so that they are more deeply aware of it.
So, here’s to the stay-at-home mother whose highlight of the day is that hot shower mid-afternoon…
Here’s to the student who has to pull an all-nighter for an exam this week…
To those who have long commutes to work…
To those who are just trying to make ends meet…
What makes your life supernatural is not the absence of the natural. It is just the inclusion of Holy Spirit, for His glory never dims. And there is no moment in your life that is left unwatched by the heavenly hosts.
“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:13-14)

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