What Christian Women Need…

Most women do not particularly enjoy talking about the female cause in the church. It almost feels petty. Women in ministry, in particular, understand that it is a touchy subject, and some try to avoid the topic altogether in fear of coming off as an angry feminist.
Society tells women that we can do anything. We can pursue degrees and choose careers. We can be politicians, CEOs, directors, creators. Unfortunately, this leaves many women confused within the church context, because what we can do for God feels so limited.
When I was growing up, there was no clarity. There were very rare examples. So it left me, for a time-being, having to figure things out through trial and error.
I’ve had the privilege of having many male pastors in my youth that had led me to Christ, taught me the Word, and stirred up my hunger the Holy Spirit. Those were invaluable times. However, after having had fallen in love with Jesus, there were no practical guidance because there were not many examples to follow.
Still, it was enough to confuse a girl who felt led to lay down her life for the kingdom of God, to go into full-time ministry and do whatever the Lord had called her to do.
To no one’s fault, I don’t think any of my pastors sat me down to really discuss what my dreams were for the kingdom of God. I always thought that serving God meant folding bulletins, singing backup vocals, or doing administration work for the pastor.
For many women, because of that lack of clarity, they are left either insecure or angry. I’ve known many faithful women, but I did not know what a woman in leadership looked like — a woman of spiritual authority.  
I believe the daughters of God just want to feel free to delight Him in the best way possible. We want to know what He designed us for.
Men of God need the women of God to be empowered. If the Lord had sent the woman to be man’s helper (Genesis 2), shouldn’t she be a good helper? Shouldn’t she be able to stand by the man’s side without needing to have her insecurities coddled and her fears appeased?
The church cannot be whole unless women know their God-given place.
If God wasn’t okay with Adam being alone in the Garden, then He is not okay with man standing alone in the church. It’s time for the daughters of the King to dream her dreams and pray them into fulfillment. It’s time for her to rise up.
Because God wants her to.
“Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” — Proverbs 31:31

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