Saving Faith (Day 3)

Sometimes, it’s easy to allow your circumstances to minister to you. Life can often affect the way we perceive and feel.

Listen to today’s Truth…

True faith stirs you to believe beyond your circumstances.

Read the following Scripture…

James 1:9 says, “Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.”

Consider these thoughts…

Those that have the favor of God do not always have the favor of man.
Oftentimes, when we are not high and exalted above others, it can easily make us feel that it is an indicator of our lack of worth. Those with a saving faith know that their worth was settled at the cross.
Faith would keep you firm and steady in humbling circumstances. It gives you permission to rejoice when the world gives you no reason to do so.  

Apply the truth! The following are optional things to do…

  • Praise and rejoice in the places during the day where you are unseen and unheard!
  • Give God thanks whenever you are disappointed today.


  • For a humble heart.
  • For trust in times when you are humbled.  

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