Wisdom Matters (Day 8)

I run a household of four tiny little children. After about one or two of them, I have come to learn that if you value something, you would never leave it out in the open. If you do, you will see work papers with drawings, clothing with stains, and phones in the toilet. However, the most valuable thing you own is not your material goods. It is your heart.
Listen to today’s Truth…
Every day, you must proactively protect your heart.
Read the following Scripture…
Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
Consider these thoughts…
When you allow everything around you to have free access to your heart, then your heart will always end up wounded and burdened by the end of the day.
Social media. The opinions of others. Popular entertainment. Even the news.
To allow your heart to just soak in all of these things and allow them to all have an equal weight of influence upon you is no different than me leaving my phone out on the ground for my two-year-old to spill water on. If you value your heart, you would actively protect it.
Just as a healthy body needs a regimen of healthy foods and exercise, a healthy heart needs a regimen of sorts as well. Be intentional in what you watch and what you listen to. Be discerning in who you allow to influence your emotions.
Apply the truth! The following are optional things to do…
Create space between you and anything/anyone that brings division in your heart (i.e. too much social media, compromising television shows, a gossiping friend, etc.)
• Fill your life with wholesome and uplifting images, people, and words.
• Pursue a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to minister to your heart more than anything else.
For a clean heart.
• For the discernment to make powerful choices in your life.
• For a wise lifestyle.

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