Wisdom Matters (Day 2)

Church is only for a few hours in a week. Most other times, you may be with co-workers, classmates, or, even, by yourself. It’s how you choose to act in those times that demonstrate what you truly believe in.
Listen to today’s Truth…
Stay true to who you are in Jesus, no matter what the circumstances.
Read the following Scripture…
Proverbs 1:10 “My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them.”
Consider these thoughts…
It’s easy to overlook today’s proverb because it’s a tad dramatic. Sinful men enticing me? When most people walk out of their homes, they are not met with a swarm of manipulative sinners whose motives are to drag them down to the pits of immorality.
However, the loving warning in today’s verse is relevant to all of us. You must always be intentionally protective of your identity in Christ. Do not allow the world to compromise who you are in the Lord.
This is relevant not only in the secular world but in the church as well! Anyone can become complacent with a lukewarm faith simply because they blend in well with other lukewarm believers.  It’s all too easy to miss the narrow path because you fit in comfortably with the rest of the world.
Dare to be an authentic child of God today.
Apply the truth! The following are optional things to do…
• Be more open about your faith in public.
•  Do not join in sinful indulgences just to fit in with others.
•  Clean up the way you joke around and talk to others, especially in the work place and at school!
 For the strength to be different from the rest.
• For the courage to be a noticeable Christian in public.
• For a sanctified and holy life.

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