Wisdom Matters (Day 1)

I used to never ask for advice about any matter in my life. I would always just “figure it out,” which led me down a path of learning things the hard way. I now know my dire need for everyday wisdom, because I have come to realize that God has a better way of doing literally everything in my life. It is a humbling truth!
Listen to today’s Truth…
You do not have all the answers, and you need God.
Read the following Scripture…
Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
Consider these thoughts…
We receive blessings because of God’s grace, but we remain blessed because of God’s wisdom.
There is unnecessary loss and endless strife for one who spurns the need to abide by Godly wisdom. You waste so much time doing it your way instead of God’s way.  
Today’s verse says to fear the Lord. It doesn’t mean that you need to be afraid of Him. The depth of that word correctly translates as being “awestruck” or “revere.” It means to care about His opinions more than anyone else’s. It means to prioritize spending time with Him over spending time with anyone else. It also means to consider His ways more than society’s ways.
Apply the truth! The following are optional things to do…
• Commit to reading more Scripture to acquire Godly advice for your life.
• Memorize a Bible verse today and meditate on it!
• Seek His voice before making any major decision in your life.
• Worship Him and establish His Presence wherever you go.
• For divine wisdom in all the areas of your life.
• For the grace to be able to love Him more starting from today.
• For a teachable heart.

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