Things I’ve Learned About God

A part of what I do in my home church is lead an inner-healing ministry, which leads wounded Christians into spiritual deliverance. It is a Spirit-led endeavor done with so much love and joy. Part of this experience is to witness a Christian, bogged down by lies and demonic strongholds, break free into joyous laughter. To see hope birthed from a place of bitterness and loss is such a privilege!
Surprisingly enough, not all believers embrace the chance for true freedom, although it was bought for them on the cross. When it comes to present day burdens and pains, some like to leave Jesus out of it and merely keep their hopes for what He will do for them when their life is no longer on earth.

Yes, Jesus is the assurance for your tomorrow, but He is also the Healer for your today. When Jesus walked along the streets ministering to crowds, He wasn’t just throwing out empty promises of what will happen when they die. The powerful effect of His Presence was seen in the very moment the people allowed Him to bless them!
When He went to the home of Simon, Simon’s mother-in-law’s fever broke, and this miracle allowed her to fulfill her calling to serve (Luke 4:38). When Jesus went to the town, a leper ran to His feet for mercy. Not only did he receive a healing miracle, but also a second chance at a whole life (Luke 5:12-16).
Until we get to heaven, we are meant to live heaven on earth.
God is relevant to your current pains, but many carry the wounds and traumas from their past and keep them buried deep within their hearts, ignoring the pain as a way to not let it affect them. Perhaps it’s because of the the agonizing weight of the emotions that get stirred up. It could also be from the fear of losing control as you begin addressing your fears. No one likes to see a mess and wounds cause just that — a mess. It ends up being easier to just live with it, bury it, and become numb to it.
I believe this deep fear of pursuing one’s full inner-healing is based on some misunderstandings, mainly a misunderstanding about God.
The following are attributes about the Lord that I have seen in recent years of conducting an inner healing ministry. May it be an encouragement to you, no matter where you are in your own healing journey.

1. God is more interested in freeing you than fixing you.

The most common reason why anyone signs up for counseling or spiritual deliverance is because they feel as if something is wrong with them. They have explosive tempers. Their depression keeps them from being functional during the daytime. They have a paranoia that keeps them from any semblance of peace. It’s usually a drive to fix themselves that causes them to sign up for any sort of healing ministry.
Yet, Jesus already knows how deeply flawed you are, and He will love you whether you rid of these flaws or not.
One of the most beautiful moments I see each week is the look on someone’s face as he or she realizes just how kind, gentle, and understanding God’s love is for them. It is this revelation of His love that frees them.
Psalm 86:15 says, “But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

2. He is never petty.

Whenever I have witnessed the Lord speaking to someone in their wounds and past hurts, it is never to address what they need to do more of or what they need to stop doing. The priority in a God encounter is never found in behavior modification, rather, in your inner transformation.
When Jesus offered the Samaritan woman living water, He could have placed so many conditions on this offer (John 4). He could have first tried to show her how flawed the Samaritan worldview was. He could have addressed her character issues of avoiding problems instead of dealing with them face on. There were so many issues standing in the way of this Jewish Rabbi offering a great blessing unto this broken Samaritan woman. But none of these issues were enough for Him to withhold His love.  He just offered her living water, and He did so while also pointing out to her that He already knew what her life was like.
No wonder this woman ended up leaving her water jars and bursting into town shouting, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” (John 4:29). Here was a woman set free because she tasted the goodness of grace, not because she was reminded of how much she had to change.  

3. God is a giver.

So many have been so reluctant to allow God to heal them from their past because they are afraid of what He wants. They are afraid He will take away the things that bring comfort or demand they give up things they aren’t ready to release. I find this the most common in students and young adults, namely those in life stages that focus on building a future. They feel that it is safer to keep their lives and futures in their own hands as opposed to entrusting them into the hands of our generous Father.
If fear of giving to God is an issue, it is because you see Him as a Taker. But, God is love, and love, by its very essence, gives. It says it right there in the middle of John 3:16, the mantra of Christianity, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
God is constantly giving to you, whether you are able to properly receive or not. Therefore, if you seek His healing, He will not leave you empty handed. Every moment with Him breathes life back into you.

4. He knows your limits.

Oftentimes, people assume that the Lord just cares about dealing with the deepest, darkest parts of their past. The prospect of this really deters a lot of people from going to God with full trust because it seems merciless. There are some pains and experiences that are indeed too difficult to deal with in one sitting, but believe it or not, God understands this very well.
There were countless numbers of times during an inner-healing session when certain things were not yet addressed out of sheer wisdom. God is not a relentless surgeon that tears you open to quickly stitch a fix. No, He is a gentle Father. He knows what you are capable of dealing with and cares about those limitations.
When King David sinned greatly before God by enacting a census on his people when he shouldn’t have, God had to discipline him. However, the Lord, in His great mercy, gave David a choice between three options. To this, David chose his discipline according to this reasoning, “David said to God, ‘I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands,’” (2 Samuel 24:14). When the Lord dealt with the darkness of David’s heart, He did not abuse him with a consequence that David deserved. He corrected him with a consequence that David could be restored from.

5. God humbles us, but never humiliates us.

The scariest thing about allowing God to deal with your deepest pains is the fear of being exposed and vulnerable before Him and His people. I ministered to so many people that have come to sit in my office with irrational fears like, “Is He going to make me testify to the entire congregation about this very private trauma that has occurred in my family?” or “Do I have to confront the one who has assaulted me years ago and forgive him face to face?”
Allowing God to heal you requires humility. It takes humility to admit where you have been hurt. It takes humility to surrender your lies and accept God’s truth.
However, God never humiliates His children. When Adam and Eve steeped in the shame of their sin, God could have made them pay. He could have had them roam around the earth in their shameful nakedness and spend the rest of their days feeling sorry for what they have done. But, He did nothing of the sort. Instead, He clothed them, covered them (Genesis 3:21).
His grace is amazing. It’s in this magnificent and pure grace that we can confidently approach Him to be our Healer.

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