An Encouragement for the Weary

This one’s for the weary.

Sometimes you already know what needs to change – you just don’t have to strength to change it. You may know what prayers you need to pray, but you don’t have the energy to pray them.  
You may not want another tip or lesson.
You just want to feel safe. You need to refresh. You need to hope.
My encouragement to you is that you have it. Yes, you have it. It’s in Jesus, and He’s with you right now.
You don’t need to be tearing down walls or yelling on the mountaintops to reach Him.
Just utter His name.
His Presence is where His name is.
Turn that gaze away from yourself for a moment. Take it away from all the uncertainties and demands in your life.
And place it on the cross…
the place where your worth, your destiny, and your future have already been settled.
The fumbles and failures that you commit cannot alter what was done for you at Calvary.
You cannot lose what you never earned.
So allow your soul to rest in Him.
Yes, rest.
You are only weary when you feel deep lack—lack of energy, joy, and maybe even vision. But, remember, “lack” is the devil’s concept, not God’s.
Because our Father said that we lack nothing.
In times like this, read Psalm 23, for it is about the Shepherd of our souls.
Read it out loud. Then read it again.
Envision it.
Claim it.
Thank Him for it.
Then put on that brave face, and try life again.
But, this time, do it with Him.
For in Him, you lack nothing.
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

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