Embracing Humility (Part 1: Redefining Small)

For the first full week of the new year, our church community dedicated each day to prayer. Every night, after a long day, young adults, parents, and college students gathered to give God the sacrifice of praise and intercession. On some of the more convenient days of the week, our sanctuary was filled with eager participants. However, as the week progressed, the attendance slimmed down, especially on the day with bad weather.

On Friday, our congregation was asked to pray in a small basement space, because a larger ministry need our main sanctuary. It was not a problem for us, so we gathered our few into a snug little downstairs corner. I sat in the back, surveying the atmosphere. My flesh was tempted to feel discouraged over our smallness. However, before I had the chance to let that discouragement sink in, the anointing of God came upon us. I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
Then, the Lord very clearly said to me, “Do not despise your smallness. Greatness is birthed in the humble place.”  
I felt the love of God in that room. He reminded me that He uses the weak. He remembers the forgotten. And that He is close to the rejected. Being small and insignificant does not challenge God or stop Him. Rather, it invites Him.
There is something about the humble place that attracts God’s attention!
It’s true. It’s all over the Bible! He spoke to little Samuel, rather than the esteemed priest Eli. He used the forgotten son of Jesse, David, to bring victory against Goliath. The burning bush was revealed to Moses when he was a faithful shepherd, not when he was a prince of Egypt. The Holy Spirit could have chosen royalty or a high-ranking woman to conceive Jesus Christ. Instead, God chose young Mary, the nobody from Nazareth.
So, if you were ever in a position to swallow your pride or be vulnerable before the eyes of man, embrace it! God is not forcing you to become smaller because you deserve less than others. It is painful, yes. It can be lonely as well. However, let the humbling process finish its work, for destiny is at the end of the road. And in that destiny, there is an abundance of blessings and rewards.
“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory.” (Psalm 149:4)

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