Tips & Tools for Your Devotional Life

You can’t be stingy when it comes to spending time with God. I have learned from the example of both King David and King Solomon that you must give the best of yourself when approaching God. You can’t expect to receive lavishly if you do not give lavishly. In exchange for His Presence, He asks you to give Him yours.

In light of this, I have learned the value of really investing in the quality of my quiet times with the Lord. The following are my recommended tips and tools to do this for yourselves!

1. Give Him the best time.

Although I am a believer in the pray-on-the-go type moments, there is something that cannot be replaced by having quality time with the Lord. As a mother of four young children, my best time is from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. when three are at school and my Fourth is taking a nap. Just as much as we need quality time with our friends and family, we need quality time with the Lord. Choose a guarded time, a time when you are alert and available!

2. Use a Bible that can become personal.

Oftentimes, I see church members using Bibles that are standard hardcovers that was probably given to them as a perk of baptism or confirmation at some point in their lives. A Bible should be personal, with your marks and evidences of your time spent with it.
If you like to Journal: I personally have loved the Journal Bible ( Although bulky in size, it is so easy to record your prayers and revelations. If you are a beginner in reading the Bible, I do not recommend this Bible because it does not have many references, nor does it have a commentary.
If the young and the creative: I find this the ideal gift for a teenage girl in youth group or even college students. I highly recommend the Beautiful Word Bible ( Not only is it super Instagram-worthy, but it allows devotional times to be peaceful and creative. It leaves room for a child to put in a bit of her personality in her moments with God.
If you need extra guidance: If you are looking for a commentary Bible, the type that walks you through the background and meaning of each book, I would recommend either the Life Application Study Bible ( or the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible (
If you value portability: If you are constantly lugging your Bible around, then you may want a thinline Bible ( , something that would not add multiple pounds to your bag.

3. Have the right writing tools.

There is so much value in annotating and taking notes in your Bible. However, everyday sort of highlighters bleed right through the pages. My favorite Bible highlighters are these ( You can very well use a Bible app and highlight on your phone. However, there is something so meaningful about the classic way of using your hands to actually write down and highlight what stood out to you from the pages.


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