Resources to Help Activate Your Prayer Life

Prayer is powerful. Yet, it’s not something that just naturally happens to you. It’s a skill that needs to be worked on. It’s also a gift that needs to be activated. Out of all the questions the disciples could have asked Jesus Christ, they asked Him to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1). Funny enough, it’s the prayer life that tends to frustrate Christians the most, because many do not know how to do it properly. Many don’t find joy in it, because it’s such a powerless aspect of their devotional life. All of which makes it even more difficult to pray often.

But, let me tell you… there is very little out there that can trump the feeling of being heard by God Almighty. It should not feel like you are talking to a wall. It is not just throwing a wish list up into the air. It is an intimate and refreshing experience. E.M. Bounds once wrote, “Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer can move God.”
Many ask me for resources on activating one’s prayer life — there are so many. However, the following are my top three.
1. The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power by R.A. Torrey
A classic. There are so many new books on prayer out there, but this one is still relevant to this day.  Some of the illustrations can feel a bit “old school,” but the heart of the lessons is timeless. What you will get out of this book is just the burning desire to never stop praying.
2. The Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson
If prayer feels like a big burden, I encourage you to pick this up. Anyone who wants to activate a prophetic level of intercession would want to have read this gem. Beni Johnson really takes the stringent religiosity out of the practice of prayer and ushers her readers to feeling excited about intercession.
3. Healing the Orphan Spirit by Leif Hetland
For some people, it’s not so much about the discipline of prayer that discourages them. It may actually be an insecurity that you have with God Himself. If you just knew how much He loves you, prayer may come much more easily to you. If that is something that you need, then I would recommend any of the three books in Leif Hetland’s sonship series. The one posted here is the first of the three. His testimony and teaching on breaking off the orphan spirit is relatable to anyone who feels incapable of connecting with God on an intimate level.
“…pray continually…” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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