Something to add onto your Devotional Life…

So many people ask me for book recommendations, especially if they are struggling with intimacy with the Lord. If you are struggling with intimacy with the Lord, I would say that you would want to be reading the Bible rather than any other book.  
Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 5.03.30 PMI am a huge fan of finding books that can elevate my walk with the Lord. I would find a lot of inspiring ones, some that are revelatory as well. Although I have read quite a bit about revelation, prophecy, and spiritual experiences, the conclusion is usually just to pray and read the Bible for yourself so that you can truly know what these authors are speaking of. However, there are a few resources out there that I’ve come across that provides guiding steps towards this endeavor. A Path Through Mighty Waters: A Personal Trainer for the Soul by Benjamin Robinson has been an extremely practical book that has added unto my devotion to the Lord. I believe Scripture meditation is a lost art. However, Pastor Benjamin’s teaching on meditation and memorization is relevant, simple, and motivating. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take their devotional life to another level.

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