When you can’t understand him…

God can be such a mystery sometimes.
Sometimes, that mystery frustrated me.
Time to time, I told Him that I would so much rather just see Him face-to-face and have a clear, practical conversation with Him instead of praying. Wouldn’t that solve so many issues?
There were moments in my life when I had no energy to seek Him beyond the veil. And in those moments, my frustrations would arise. Like the time in my childhood, when a few girls in my circle would whisper and giggle about a secret that I was not supposed to know. It feels unfair and unnecessary–those times made me seethe.

But, one day, my first daughter came home from school with the brightest smile and a twinkle in her eye. She said, “Mommy, I have a secret! Do you want to know?” In that moment, I was not frustrated. Here was my precious girl, bubbling inside to unveil a mystery to me. I was not offended. Rather, I was delighted. Her face drew close to mine. I could still feel her breathing on my ears as she giggled. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the secret was. What I do remember, though, was the intimacy I felt.
Mysteries are reserved for God’s beloveds to unveil.
They are not meant to tease. They are not meant to taunt. They do not exist to force God’s slaves to beg for understanding.
Rather, they are meant to draw us closer, so close that we could feel Him breathe upon us.
When Christ’s disciples did not understand a parable, they had to draw closer to Him for it to be revealed (Mark 4:10).
Visions and dreams confused even high profile leaders in the Old Testament times. But the Lord unveiled the mysteries to His servants, the prophets that walked in His Presence. In a time when Pharaoh was greatly disturbed by the spiritual symbolism revealed to him in the night, it was a Hebrew prisoner named Joseph that was able to give him understanding (Genesis 41). None of King Nebuchadnezzar’s astrologists knew how to interpret the mysteries of his dreams, but Daniel knew (Daniel 2). To the world, God was the mystical deity that parted the Red Sea… whereas to Moses, He had a face (Exodus 33:11).
Friends, let us not be discouraged by the things we do not understand about God.
Let us not give up because of the things we have yet to experience.
Draw closer. Wait just a little bit longer. Listen ever so closely.
His secrets are meant to be shared.

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